What is the RotoSTERIL process?

Bioelektra Group


We are a Polish company which invests in processing municipal waste and the complete recycling of reusable materials which eliminates the problem of waste storage. We own and apply our innovative RotoSTERIL technology to recycle and process municipal waste. Our main goal is to introduce the innovative RotoSTERIL technology to the standard waste processing system, as our new technology already meets all European standards and requirements of the Minister of Environment on waste management set until 2020 (which prohibit storing of any biodegradable or high-energy waste).


We neutralise waste through sterilisation within a few hours after it is delivered to our facility. Next, we mechanically segregate the whole mass into fractions intended for further reuse, thus we fully eliminate the need for any storing. We realise our investment purely on commercial terms with no need for public funding.

Key benefits of the RotoSTERIL technology:

- No hazard to the environment
- Recyclability reaching over 95%
- Cheaper technology than the standard solutions
Currently, the Bioelektra Group is focusing on popularising its technology of recycling and processing municipal waste, which additionally allows the production of fuel in the form of biomass, produced from the organic matter contained in the waste stream. Another application of the biodegradable mass, which is currently being tested by the Bioelektra Group specialists, is its use for fertilisation purposes or biogas production. The technological process we carry out in our facilities also enables to produce sterilised: metals, glass, plastic, and pre-SRF fraction. One of our top priorities is to act to protect the environment by preventing and reducing storage of municipal waste, improving the quality of life in local communities by creating new job opportunities and building state-of-the-art recycling facilities. The next step for the Bioelektra Group is to invest in a small-scale energy plant using alternative fuel.